How to hide a file on Android Mobile without any app?

Are you looking for a way to hide a file on android mobile without any app?

Now a day all of us are using the smartphone. An Android mobile is very important for us in our daily life. We cannot go without it. It makes our life very easy. Being using a smartphone, we are familiar with photos, videos, pdf file and many other types of documents.

Sometimes documents are needed to hide from others because we want those files will not be seen by others. So sometimes we use a third-party application on our Android phone. 

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Most of the time this third-party app give security, but you need to know the matter that this third-party app can stole your data. So you want to hide any file but with the help of a third-party app, you make it public. 

How to hide a file on Mobile without any app?

Now I am going to introduce you how to hide your files on your mobile phone without using any apps. As we have the mobile phone, we are known to those word as like .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4, .pdf, .pptx etc. Those are file extension. Extension means the kind of the file. Example .jpg means it is a image file, .mp4 means it is a video file, .pdf means it is a document.

how to hide file without app

Now what is the importance of this extension. It is very important we are also familiar with Gallery, Video Player, PDF reader, etc. Those are one kind of application. As example Gallery is used to open image file, Video Player is used to open video file. PDF reader is used to open document type file. If you want to open a video file in a PDF reader app it do not run. So every file has a specific application to open. There are many applications to open different kind of files. Now let's jump to the question "How can I hide any file without using any app?"

You can hide any file on your Android phone with a simple trick. Just change the extension name.

Suppose a picture (image.jpg) you want to hide. So you easily change the extension or remove it. Then it will not be shown in your gallery, and you cannot open it until you change its extension to the real form. You can tell me that this file is not hidden from others but I can tell you that nobody can open your file because only you know the fact.

Now another question is How can I hide my file on Android mobile without any apps?

At first you need to go to your default File Manager app. Now you have to find the file which you want to hide. At last go to the rename option and rename its extension. It is done. You don't open this file again. When you need to open it, rename its extension as before and you could open it again. By this tricks no one can find your hidden file. You can do it even in button phone. Check the below steps. 

  1. Choose a file
  2. File Manager
  3. Find the file
  4. go to Rename option
  5. change the extension 
You can also hide a folder without any app. Let's discuss how it be possible.
  1. At first you go to file manager app and find the desired folder what to be hidden. 
  2. Now go to the rename option and give a dot before the name (folder). 
  3. Then you have to forward another step two hide your folder. 
  4. You have to turn off the "show hidden file" option. Then it is done.
So! what we have learned from today content? Let me know the procedure to hide a file on Android Mobile without any app is working or not.