How to increase Android mobile battery life?

Are you worried about mobile battery life! Now Android mobile is spread all over the world. But one of the most burning question to the users is How to increase Android mobile battery life?

We use Android phone in every sphere of life. It is been a part of our life. When using a Android phone, the most concerned thing is battery. Do you know you can easily increase your battery life? In this article I will introduce you with some tips how you will increase battery life.

As usual we want to buy the best mobile phone in our budget. Before buying Android phone we judge good battery backup, quality of camera, better mobile performance, etc. But after some days our phone is going to hell. The most disgusting matter is the bad performance of battery.

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Sometime we damage battery faster. Do you want to increase your android mobile battery life and backup? I gonna share 10 pro tips to save battery life.

How to increase Android mobile battery life - 10 ways

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Display and Theme:

At first we need to pay attention at our display and theme. If we use colourful wallpaper and highly qualified theme then our phone looks gorgeous. But this theme consumes a huge amount of battery. If you use it this type of theme for a long time, it causes a great harm to battery life. The life of battery of Android mobile depends largely on the wallpaper we use. 
3D or live wallpaper use more battery. As a result we get less battery backup. An information that you need to know that the white coloured wallpaper consumes more battery then black or dark coloured wallpaper. So to increase battery backup, we have to use dark coloured wallpaper and try to avoid the high-quality theme.

Don't use Battery Saver application: 

We often use battery saver application to save battery, but this application is very harmful for our Android mobile. This application is run in the background for 24 hours, and it consumes a huge amount of battery. So avoid battery saver application.

Uninstall unnecessary apps: 

In our daily life we use many applications. Sometimes we install many apps unnecessarily. Those applications use phone's location and other things. Sometime many apps stole our data. So these apps are consuming battery in the background. So to save your battery uninstalls unnecessary apps.

Turn off Auto Software Update: 

When we turn on auto software update then a part of our Android mobile always running in the background. And it consumes battery gradually. Turn off this option and get a long life of your battery.

Charging pattern: 

Experts say that charge your phone when battery level reduces to 20% and charge it till 90%. They do not tell to charge 100%. And you have to follow another step. Every month you need to reduce your battery level to 0% and then charge it up to 100%.

Poor network signal: 

For our necessity we need to go here and there. When we go to a place where network signal is not so good then battery will be drained faster. Because the internal modem is trying to get good signal and uses a huge amount of battery. As you necessity you can use flight mode to save your battery.

Reduce brightness level: 

Many people have the tendency to increase the brightness level unnecessarily. High brightness level consumes more battery. But sometimes we need to increase brightness level. Then I advise you that if needed you increase your brightness level otherwise reduce it to get a healthy battery life of your Android mobile.

Low use of vibration mode: 

Vibration mode is very helpful for us. It helps us to get notification even in chaos. It is a very good feature. But vibration mode consumes a lot of battery. To get notifications vibration mode can be turned on but in other cases it may be turned off. And you will get better battery backup.

Try to use Wi-Fi over mobile data: 

If we use mobile data then it drains battery faster. But Wi-Fi will help you much in this case. It consumes less battery. So try to use Wi-Fi as far as possible.

Turn off Mobile data and Bluetooth: 

Sometimes we turn on mobile data on our Android mobile unnecessarily. If we turn on mobile data then it drains more battery. Bluetooth also does the same thing. So always try to turn off your mobile data and Bluetooth mode when there is no need of then.

Developer options: 

In our Android mobile here is an exciting feature named developer options. You can prevent apps run in the background and you also can permit how much application will run in your Android phone's background. When your mobile phone's battery backup is very low then this feature will help you much.

Here is another way to increase battery life. When we use an application on our Android mobile we can prevent it from running in the background. If you do not permit apps to run in the background then it will take less battery. You can use the battery saver feature on your Android mobile. 


We are much busier nowadays. Battery capacity is much more needed for all of us. So, How to increase your Mobile battery life! just follow these steps mentioned above.
If you are unable to make sure all, then prevent background app refresh, use a simple wallpaper and uninstall all the unnecessary apps.
Have a good day, Ta-da.