Wifi Router Set up by Mobile: part 1 (Who will maintain it?)

At present Wi-Fi is appeared in our life as oxygen. We can't go without it for a moment. A few years ago people do not know about Wi-Fi connection, but now it is one of the most important facts. Now Wi-Fi is spread over villages. We depend on Wi-Fi badly. You will be surprised after knowing that by Android mobile you can manage your WiFi system. 

When we install Wi-Fi then to manage it is very difficult. If you cannot handle your Wi-Fi system then many problems will be occurred. Firstly, your password would be licked. As a result your neighbours may use your Wi-Fi as publicly. Then you cannot get enough speed. 

To configure your router or WiFi system by Android mobile is very simple. Anyone can maintain it smoothly. Now I share with you how you can maintain it. At this part I want to show you how you can manage members to access WiFi management system. As simple, Who will handle this system?

Wifi Router Management 

router management part 1

Here I will show you the whole process step by step. These screenshots are taken from our WiFi system.

Go to specified website

At first go to "Settings." Then go to "Wi-Fi." Then you will see a page as below. Click to the marked portion. 

go to Settings

Now click to Manage router.

click to Manage router

You can also use your browser. If you use the browser then you have to go router's specified webpage. As example for Tenda router, the webpage is . You will get the specified webpage from router's packet or user guide. Otherwise, you can get the specified webpage from Internet. 

open browser

       Then you will directly go to router's specified website. Click to the corner as marked.

Click to the corner

Set a password 

Now click Administration.

click Administration
For first time there will be two options. New password and Confirm password.  As I set my password, so here old password option is remained. Now set a strong password. Please don't share it with anyone. You can also change the password. 
set password

After setting a password go to router's webpage. Enter the password and go to wifi management system. 

log in

When you install router at first, use this method. By this you can control who can maintain the whole system. If you do not set a password anyone can interfere into your wifi system. In the next part I will introduce you how to set up password and name for your Wi-Fi system.