Wifi Router Set up by Mobile: part 2 (set up name and password; hide Wi-Fi).

When we set up a router in our office or home then the most important fact is to secure it. The security of the Wi-Fi system is too much important. If your private network will be public then, it causes harm. This system may be hacked by the hacker or too many users will use it. So you cannot use it properly. Internet speed will be decreased. You can easily secure it.

If we use a password then nobody could  access without knowing the password. So we can control users to use. You can also hide your Wi-Fi. Then nobody will not find it. If you connect a smartphone along with Wi-Fi name and password to the WiFi system, then you can access the Internet. Now I'm going to share the process to set up a name and password; and how can you hide your Wi-Fi? Let's start:

Wifi Router Management 

router management part 2

Set up a name and password:

At first go to your router's specified webpage. If you don't know the process to go the webpage, please check the 1st part. When log into the website with the password, a page is seen as below. Then click where I mark.

click here
Then click Wireless Settings. 

click Wireless Settings

Here you will get the options to set up WiFi name and password. If you don't give away any name for WiFi, then it shows a name by default. Now set up a password. You can also select a security mode. WPA/WPA2 is preferred. After this nobody can access your Internet without the password. You can also change wifi name and password. It will be better if you change the password after every one month. After setting a password click to OK.

click to OK

Hide your wifi.

To hide your Wi-Fi from others, follow the instructions. Go to same page as shown before. Now you get an option Hide WiFi. Tick the option. The process is over. You successfully hide your Wi-Fi. 

Hide your wifi

Access the Internet.

When you hide your Wi-Fi, a problem will be occurred. When users as like your parents or little brothers want to access the internet, then they do not get any option to connect the Wi-Fi system. Now you have to follow another instruction to connect the Wi-Fi system. Let's start:

Go to Wi-Fi settings at your mobile phone. Then you don't get your Wi-Fi network. Don't worry about it. Follow the steps and access the Internet. Click Add Network.

Click Add Network.

Enter your Wi-Fi name that you selected first and click Security

click Security

Here you get some options. Select the option that you given first when setting up the password. Now select WPA/WPA2-Personal as you given before.

select WPA/WPA2-Personal

Enter the password and click Save. Now you access the Internet. 
click Save

In this part we introduce you to set up a password, hide your wifi and after hiding how can you access it? These screenshots are taken from my phone. The options may slightly vary in different devices, but the main theme is the same. So secure your Internet network and stay safe. In the next part I will discuss about parental control and maintain users.