Wifi Router Set up by Mobile: part 3 (parental control).

Now our daily life mostly depends on internet. Let's consider this situation. Now we cannot go out for our work as like education, profession, travel, etc. Nowadays Wi-Fi is available even in villages. To setup a router is also very simple. 

Education is running throw internet. Some professional work is also done by internet. For using internet Wi-Fi is a must. Nowadays all of us use the internet, mostly students are very much dependent on internet. We can say students are dependent on Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi has no limit of data. So parents are worried about there children. Don't they misuse it? It is the common question is raised by every parent. If you are worried about your children, this article is for you. Here we will discuss about to setup router specially Parental Control. You will be glad to know that you can monitor your child while using Internet. 


Wifi Router Set up 

router management part 3

Let's start how you can monitor your children.

Limit your children 

     At first go to specified website and log in. Then you will get a page as below. If you don't go to this page, please check Wifi: Who will maintain it?. Click as shown to the below picture. 

click here

      Click to Parental Control. 

Click to Parental Control
Here you can see who are using Internet. Select your child's phone. You can limit your child from using the internet. As example if you permit your child to access the internet from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., then you children do not use the internet out of this range. You can set limit as your wish. Set a limit and click OK. 

click to ok

At the bottom you will see another option Website Restriction. Here you can select the restricted website and your children do not access this website. By doing this work you will be free of tension. You can easily restrict the website that is not suitable for your children. After selecting website click OK

restrict websites

Limit WiFi users 

You will get a another amazing feature. You can restrict a user forever. When you restrict any user, then he/she do not access internet. 

As usual go to the page shown at first and click User Management.

click User Management

Now select user and click OK. The process is over. To select a user click the green portion at the right side. Then you have click OK

select users

When you restrict a user then he/she can't use the internet and you can see his/her phone's name at the bottom. To permit him/her again to use the internet, go to the same page as past. Now click Unlimit and then OK. And he/she will be able use the internet again.

unlimit users

Here we try to teach you how to maintain your wifi network properly. By reading these articles you will be able to secure your network.