How to change name on Facebook?

Are you worried about to change your name on Facebook

We know Facebook is one of the most popular social sites. All of us have an account in this site. To create a profile, we must need a name. By taking name, a profile picture and adding some other personal information, we create identity on Facebook. Sometimes we need to change the name on Facebook. 

So, how could you change your name on Facebook? To change name has some restrictions, but it is easy too. 

How to change name on Facebook?

change name on Facebook

Why change name in Facebook? 

We change our name in Facebook for many reasons. Some of these are: 
  • If the surname is changed after marriage.  
  • Sometimes we change the language only.
  • If one's name is changed.
  • Many people change their name for no reason.
  • Sometimes we change our childhood name. 
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Rules for changing the name

While changing name, you should keep in mind some instructions as follows:
  • You cannot use any punctuation marks or numbers.
  • You need to take a valid name.
  • You must need to fill up first name and last name but you can use middle name if you wish.
  • You may not choose a fake name as Facebook does not allow a pseudo name.
  • You can't include any special characters or symbol.
  • The name would be in a specific language only.

How to change your name? 

You can change your name from Facebook app or Browser. If you use a browser, go to and login with your account information otherwise go to Facebook app and login. Then you will go to homepage of your profile. Click at the marked portion. 

open Facebook app

Click on Settings & Privacy 

Click on Settings & Privacy

Now click to Settings 

click to Settings

You will see a page as below. Click to Personal information.

Click to Personal information

Here you see your current name. Click at the right side as marked.

click here

Now you type your new name as your wish. But you should keep in mind the previous rules. After typing your name, click to Review Change.

click to Review Change

You can preview your name. If you make a mistake, then go to the previous page and retype your name and again come to this page. Select the name, type your Facebook password and click on Save Changes. Here you need to be very careful because if you make a mistake, then the wrong name will be saved and you have to wait a long time to change the name again.

click on Save Changes

Your name has changed. Go to your profile and see your new name. I suggest you to choose your name as like your NID card or other ID card. Another information you should remember that, now you can change your name again after 60 days. If you change your name frequently then the waiting time maybe increased to 4 months or 120 days.

After reading this article you will able to change your name on Facebook easily. Another suggestion from me that, do not change your name on Facebook unnecessarily. Best wishes for you.